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Consignment Shopify Social Media

Posting your new arrivals everyday has never been easier when using Post Studio with shopify to get the word out on all social media platforms of exact details of new arrivals. This automated process saves hundreds of hours per month in automating posts that drive traffic to the site for new and repeat buyers.

One of the best things about having new items all of the time is the following that it can create on social media. Everyone is always looking for that item or is interested in the local consignment store that gets new things in every day.

A store walk through video is a great post referencing some of the new arrivals and items that have just hit the floor. This is one of the easiest ways to create some regular content on a weekly basis.

If you are using shopify you can automate a drip of new items to hit your social media up to 1 per hour across all of your social media accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram) This will give followers something to interact with, a like, a call, a click over to your website to find the newest items, or a reminder that you are around and have hundreds of other items as well.

Getting Started

Lets get started in configuring the “New Product” poster.

Choose a name of your liking for the tag and then click Save. I’ll use “new.”

Now that we’ve setup a tag we can access the Post Studio Auto Post app and setup our new Campaign. Select the social media platform of your choice and click on “New Auto Poster”

Select the “New Product” campaign.

Depending on how many new items you are adding each day you can make a decision on your posting schedule. Remember that we will never post more than once per hour to your social media accounts.

Example: If you have 50 products that you add on a Monday we’ll post 1 every hour for 50 hours if you’ve selected to post 24 hours a day.

You can also configure to post at 9, 11, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm which would space the posts out at 5 posts per day which would take 10 days to get through all of your new products.

After choosing our schedule we can pick the newly created tag we created for our items in our Shopify account. Type in the tag new and then click “Add Tag”. After clicking “Add Tag” a sample item should popup that matches the tag.

The auto poster will start with the oldest product creation date and work toward the most recent. As newer products are added with the tag they become eligible to be posted.

If you wanted to start only posting new items from today forward just enable the Product Creation Date and choose the start date. Only items that were created after the chosen date with the selected tag will be posted.

The post template can allow you to get creative with the text that will be shown. Use urgency “Just in!” or “Just Arrived” to draw attention. Additionally you can add #hashtags for discoverability. Maybe you already have a trending tag or something that is relevant to your space. Location based tags and tags for your industry are great ones to use.

Scroll back to the top and click “Save & Publish”! Your campaign is now active and will start posting on the schedule you’ve specified.


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